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Institute Entry


machina somnii

  Safety protocol #9633 

Treat this unit as actively hostile at all times. This unit is fully broadcast capable with broad spectrum 3200km range. Highly destructive Syn-Caster.

We are almost certain this unit is the one that crippled the full blood humans on all sides of the war. Certainly this unit turned in a doubleplusungood way on Oceania and destroyed their ability to function for both the troops and citizens. Most certainly this the final stages of the conflict would have ended differently if Oceania did not have to nuke it’s own territories in an effort to shunt the signal of this unit.

Units like Machina Somnii were critical in the biomechs success and the fall of homo-sapiens. While each country sought to create more aggressive tactics to end the conflict and leave the land intact, bio-hacks turned to a plus-pitch level for everyone. Given the strength of these units it was certainly inevitable that purebreds would be annihilated by the tech they created.

This unit is double boxed. Faraday fields are redundantly in place as well as hardware faraday wall shielding. DO NOT remove this unit. In the event of catastrophe cleansing protocols are to be followed.