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The Institute

archiving the final stages of Homo sapiens


Founded in 2189CE, by a small group of bunker fugees, former researchers, and prols, this organisation’s goal is to leave a record of the last stages of Homo sapiens. We will continue to gather information, retrieve data, and collect field samples for as long as this is possible. Data and information is presented here and sat-cast to whomever may receive. Samples, if alive and deemed non-threat, are boxed to limit further threat and collect further data from observation and mechanical means. If samples are deemed a plus high risk, they are silenced. Tissue and cell samples are stored, gene-logged, and cultured until data is collected.

After the glitch and the final collapse, most rec-stores were either destroyed or lost. What we present here is the rebuild effort to the best of our skill and ability. Plus-note, this is not meant to be the singular historic notation, but may very be, simply do to lack of survivors.

Notes: The Institute is housed in former bunker-plex A14497 located in the Rockies of northlands in Oceania. This area was not nuke cleansed and largely left non-scorched due logistics and luck in the final year of the Conflict. Weather alterations have made this region nearly uninhabitable by Homo sapiens, and shunts the growth of many hybrids or biomechs. Without the plex the members of The Institute would have never survived.

This is our record of the Conflict told mostly from data gathered from the stores of Oceania/Ingoc and some from Eurasia.