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wetware storage

Imago Mortis

This wetware databank was found still processing pattern analysis in an old military coordination hub. It is semi-conscious and fully functional. We are currently using it as our front facing data processor. So if you are reading this report via a net connection, your requests are being handled by the Imago Mortis unit.

Manufactured in late 2097, this unit was initially responsible for troop and supply inventory and routing. When its adeptness at recognising patterns began to manifest, it was switched over to predictive arrays to watch for enemy patterns and develop plans accordingly.

Besides our datastores, this unit also manages the hydroponics, lichen, and insect farms for our staff and local community as well as pursue the personal goal of “understanding human sarcasm and parody by historic analysis”. Which basically means the staff is treated to an array of films, audio recordings, and television shows each evening with a post event Q&A as the unit tries to guess why particular lines were or were not sarcastic or parody. Currently it boasts, proudly, a 57% accuracy ratio.