Welcome Citizen!

ReTech is the vision of one man lost in the noise of the post industrial collapse. In 2052 Asher began transmitting back to the early part of the 21st century.

Once perfected, the material transmission of his art began in 2055. This then is a collection of his works; as they are reassembled they are made available to the public. The works are created using available materials, reclaimed machines that no longer serve a purpose, and are meant to be integrated into everyday life as functional art.

ars ex machina

Many of you know, I'm just one person. ReTech is my passion. If you'd like to help in any small way the button below is a connection directly to my personal account. No other people are taking a cut other than PayPal's processing fees. I put 100% of my money and time into ReTech, so too will your donation go directly to me. $10 nets you an awesome leather ReTech patch too! Thank you.